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Isbn 978-5-8330-0233-9

@Е.С. Татищева, 2006 г.

@Издательство ГИС, 2008 г.

Распознавание и корректировка отсканированного текста произведено Дилетто С.А.

Данный материал представлен исключительно для ознакомления, и является собственностью его законных авторов.

В пособии содержатся ключи практически ко всем

грамматическим упражнениям и ко всем упражнениям

из основной части учебника английского языка под редакцией

Владение данными ключами избавит вас от необходимости перерывать словари и терзаться сомнениями:

правильно я перевел, перефразировал и т.п. или нет?

Конечно, обратиться к данному пособию следует лишь

после того, как будут самостоятельно сделаны упражнения.

Ключ — это не шпаргалка, а всего лишь хороший

способ проверить себя самого до того, как сдать домашнюю

работу преподавателю. Не удивляйтесь, если среди

нескольких вариантов одно слово или фразеологизм

выделены жирным шрифтом: они не лучше, а всего

лишь взяты из активной лексики данного урока.

Все полезные замечания и предложения, которые вы

пришлете в издательство, будут учтены в следующих и зданиях.

Успехов вам в учебе!

UNIT ONE Exercise 1, p. 7

1. This is more like a word for word translation than a literary

one. 2. It is more like a fable than a fairy tale. 3. The fabric

looks more like cotton than viscose. 4. Ann looks more like

a schoolgirl than a college student. 5. With this hairdo she looks

more like a boy than a girl. 6. We walked round the village for

an hour or so. 7. I stayed with my friends for a fortnight or so.

8. I lived in the town for three years or so. 9. I am not through

with the book yet. I’ve read only 50 pages or so. 10. Since everyone

is present, I think it is an excellent/wonderful/splendid

opportunity to announce that fane and I have just got engaged.

11. We are through with our work. Isn’t it a wonderful opportunity

to go to some nice bar and cut loose? (оторваться по полной).

12. We’ve been looking for her house for more than an

hour. I should/would never have thought that her place would

be so difficult to find. 13. There seems to be no end to dirty

clothes. I should never have thought that one man could soil so

many shirts, vests and underpants in so short a time. 14. The

more we listened to him, the more he convinced us that his

course ofaction was just the ticket (разг. как раз то, что нужно).

15. The more John looked at her, the less he liked what he

saw. 16. The more I think about her decision, the less I agree

with it. 17. The more indignant Andrew became, the more he

stuttered. 18. The longer we waited, the more impatient we felt.

19. Who’ll go to the baker’s? There is no bread left. 20. I’m going

to the stationer’s. There is no paper left. 21. Why go shopping? —

We have no food left. 22. We needn’t hurry. There is plenty oftime

left. 23. Hurry up. We have no time left. 24. Why not put the table

near the window? — There seems to be no room left. 25. Where

will you put the bookcase? There seems to be no very little space

1. I should/would never have thought that looking after

a child was so tiresome. 2. I should/would never have thought that

writing a summary ofthis article might cost so much effort.

3. I should/would never have thought that scrubbing a sooty

saucepan clean might turn out to be such a trying job. 4. The

harder he worked, the bigger wages he earned. 5. The more he

thought over the problem, the less he knew what to do. 6. The

more we stayed at the “Holiday In n”, the more we liked the place.

7. That won’t do. You shouldn’t be so careless. 8. That won’t do.

You’ll have to do everything all over again. 9. That won’t do. You

treat the matter too lightly. 10. That won’t do. Your answer is

1. If only the weather were better! — Oh, yes! Then we would

go on a walking tour for a week or so. 2. In two days I’ll finish my

exams. — Oh, thank God! It will be a splendid opportunity to go

away on holiday and swim in the nice warm sea and bake in the

sun for hours on end. 3. I shan’t be through with my work before

the weekend, I’m afraid. — That won’t/will never do. You’ll have to

finish it by Thursday at the latest, or you’ll be fired. 4. How long

will the job take? — How should I know? I would never have

thought that writing a book about my adventures in Africa would

be so difficult. (How should I know? The more I work, the more

work there seems to be left.) 5. We’re going there on Friday. — Then

we must hurry! There’s very little time left. 6. She may come yet.

Let’s wait a bit. — That won’t do. We’ve already been waiting for

two hours or so. 7. He says it was your fault. — Oh, does he? I should

never have thought that he would tell such a blatant lie! (I would

never have thought him capable ofsuch a barefaced lie!) 8. How

long shall I stay here? — Why, until you are well again, my dear.

I suppose your recovery will take ten days or so.

Exercise 5, pp. 8 -9

A. In spring on our way back to Moscow we happened to

pass (by) a small town. It was more like a big village than a town,

all its houses were smothered in roses and it seemed to us so

lovely that we couldn’t help stopping there (couldn’t keep from

stopping there/couldn’t help but stop there). I should never

have thought that a walk round (about/around) a small provincial

town could be such a pleasure. We walked around the town

for 3 hours or so, and the more we looked at that fairy-like nook,

the more we admired it. But there wasn’t much time left/there

was very little time left, and we had to hurry to Moscow.

B. Last year my wife and I had to take a holiday in winter. We

decided that it was a splendid opportunity to redecorate/renovate

our flat. After two days’ work it looked more like a warehouse

full of broken furniture than a flat. “That won’t do (That

will never do)”, my wife said. “We’d better hire house painters

and have it repainted (have it redecorated).”

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